Basic information about user database sessions.

Does not use sysmaster, so is safe to use when instance is not online, such as during a restore or recovery.


column onstat description
users_max -u maximum number of usersconnectedsince start up
users_total -u total number of users connected
users_active -u total number of users active
users_threads -u total of number of user threads

user session details

column onstatoption description
class infx status monitor setting for this session based on blocking and locking
address -u location in shared memory
flags -u status of sesion
flagmean infx flags described in english
sessid -u unique id for this session
user -u user who owns the session
tty -u if session is from a terminal
wait -u if session is waiting
waitfor infx descriptive text about what is being waited for
waiting -g con if sessions is waiting on a condition (not a lock), how long its been waiting in seconds
tout -u how long left on the timeout
locks -u how many locks are currently held
nreads -u the number of pages read
nwrites -u the number of pages written
sql -g sql current SQL of the session
dbname -g sql database session is connected to
iso -g sql isolation level
lockmode -g sql lock mode setting
sqle -g sql sql error code
isame -g sql isam error code
fe -g sql connect front end version
explain -g sql dynamic explain on or off
pid -g ses connected process id
hostname -g ses host location of client
threads -g ses number of threads allocated
totmem -g ses total memory used by this session, in bytes
usedmem -g ses used memory for this session
freemem infx free memory for this session
explain -g ses dynamic explain on/off
totmem_kb infx calculated by infx
usedmem_kb infx calculated by infx
freemem_kb infx calculated by infx