Information about the system the database is running on.

Initially the information comes from vmstat, some of it will be overrided with values from onstat -g osi, when available.

column util description
sys_usr vmstat server cpu utilitzation
sys_sys vmstat server cpu utilitzation
sys_wio vmstat server cpu utilitzation
sys_idle vmstat server cpu utilitzation
sys_mem_total_kb vmstat total memory on server
sys_mem_used_kb vmstat memory used
sys_mem_free_kb vmstat memory free
sys_servertime localtime time on the host
sys_uptime uptime how long since server boot
sys_hostip env only available from the web server, address of host
sys_hostname hostname the name of the server
sys_software env only available from the web server, web server software id

onstat -g osi

Operating system information supplied by the database engine.

column description
sys_os_name name of host operating system
sys_os_release major version of operating system
sys_os_node_name network name of the host
sys_os_version version of the operating system
sys_os_machine hardware type of host
sys_number_of_processors number of processors in host
sys_number_of_online_processors number of processors that are currently online
sys_system_memory_page_size operating system page size
sys_system_memory amount of core memory
sys_system_free_memory amount of core memory available
sys_number_of_open_files_per_process number of files allowed open per process
sys_shmmax shared memory parameters
sys_shmmin shared memory parameters
sys_shmids shared memory parameters
sys_shmnumsegs shared memory parameters
sys_semmap shared memory parameters
sys_semids shared memory parameters
sys_semnum shared memory parameters
sys_semundo shared memory parameters
sys_semnumperid shared memory parameters
sys_semops shared memory parameters
sys_semundoperproc shared memory parameters
sys_semundosize shared memory parameters
sys_semmaxvalue shared memory parameters