Rows from the sysmaster sysfeatures table.

column sysmastertable description
week sysfeatures this records week
year sysfeatures this records year
max_cpu_vps sysfeatures max cpu vps used
max_vps sysfeatures max vps used
max_conns sysfeatures max connections to instance
max_sec_conns sysfeatures max secondary connections
max_sds_clones sysfeatures max SDS clones
max_rss_clones sysfeatures max RSS clones
total_size sysfeatures total size allocated
total_size_used sysfeatures total size used
max_memory sysfeatures max memory allocated
max_memory_used sysfeatures max memory used
is_primaruy sysfeatures flag indicates this is a replication primary
is_secondary sysfeatures flags indicates this is an HDR seconday
is_sds sysfeatures flag includates this is an SDS secondary
is_rss sysfeatures flag indicates this is an RSS secondary
is_er sysfeatures flag idicates this instance uses ER
is_pdq sysfeatures flag indicates this instance uses PDQ