Select from the sysadmin ph_alert and ph_task tables to show outstanding alerts.


column table description
id ph_alert
alert_task_id ph_alert
alert_task_seq ph_alert
alert_type ph_alert
alert_color ph_alert
alert_time ph_alert
alert_state ph_alert
alert_stat_change ph_alert
alert_object_type ph_alert
alert_object_name ph_alert
alert_message ph_alert
alert_action_dbs ph_alert
alert_action ph_alert
tk_id ph_task
tk_name ph_task
tk_description ph_task
tk_type ph_task
tk_sequence ph_task
tk_result_table ph_task
tk_create ph_task
tk_dbs ph_task
tk_execute ph_task
tk_delete ph_task
tk_start_time ph_task
tk_stop_time ph_task
tk_frequency ph_task
tk_next_execution ph_task
tk_tot_execition ph_task
tk_total_time ph_task
tk_monday ph_task
tk_tuesday ph_task
tk_wednesday ph_task
tk_thursday ph_task
tk_friday ph_task
tk_saturday ph_task
tk_sunday ph_task
tk_attributes ph_task
tk_group ph_task
tk_enable ph_task
tk_priority ph_task