SQL tracing information about individual statements.

column sysmaster description
sql_id syssqltrace unique id for this statement
sql_address syssqltrace internal address
sql_sid syssqltrace session id who executed the sql statement
sql_uid syssqltrace user id who executed the sql
sql_stmttype syssqltrace id number for type of sql
sql_stmtname syssqltrace type of SQL statement,e.g.SELECT, INSERT, DELETE
sql_finishtime syssqltrace time stamp when query completed
sql_begintxtime syssqltrace time stamp when transaction began
sql_runtime syssqltrace how long the SQL ran for
sql_pgreads syssqltrace how many pages where read
sql_bfreads syssqltrace how many buffers where read
sql_rdcache syssqltrace percentage of reads cached
sql_bfidxreads syssqltrace number of index page buffer reads
sql_pgwrites syssqltrace number of pages written
sql_bfwrites syssqltrace number of buffers written
sql_wrcache syssqltrace percent of writes cached
sql_lockreq syssqltrace number of locks requested
sql_lockwaits syssqltrace number of times waited for a lock
sql_lockwttime syssqltrace how long spent waiting for locks, in seconds
sql_logspace syssqltrace how many pages of log space SQL used
sql_sorttotal syssqltrace total number of sorts
sql_sortdisk syssqltrace total number of sorts done on disk
sql_sortmem syssqltrace total number of sorts that ran in memory
sql_executions syssqltrace number of times this statement ran
sql_totaltime syssqltrace total execution time in seconds
sql_avgtime syssqltrace avg execution time
sql_maxtime syssqltrace max execution time
sql_numiowaits syssqltrace number of times waited for I/O
sql_avgiowaits syssqltrace average number of times waited for I/O
sql_totaliowaits syssqltrace total time statement had to wait for I/O
sql_rowspersec syssqltrace Average number of rows produced per second
sql_estcost syssqltrace SQL optimizer estimated cost
sql_estrows syssqltrace SQL optimizer estimated number of rows
sql_actualrows syssqltrace Actual number of rows returned
sql_sqlerror syssqltrace Number of any SQL error
sql_isamerror syssqltrace Number of any ISAM error
sql_isolevel syssqltrace Locking isolation level for this statement
sql_sqlmemory syssqltrace Amount of memory required, in bytes
sql_numiterators syssqltrace Number of iterators in statement
sql_database syssqltrace Name of the database
sql_numtables syssqltrace Tables of tables used in statement
sql_tablelist syssqltrace List of tables directly referenced by the statement
sql_statement syssqltrace The text of the SQL statement
sql_stmlen syssqltrace Length in bytes f the statement
sql_stmthash syssqltrace Hash number to reference this statement
sql_pdq syssqltrace PDQ value set for statement
sql_num_hvars syssqltrace Number of host vars in statement
sql_dbspartnum syssqltrace Part number of database
dbname infx because you cannot rely on the sql_database value
uname infx username who executed the query