System wide profile counts from onstat -p

column description
profile_dskreads total disk read operations
profile_pagreads number of pages read from disk
profile_bufreads number of buffers read
profile_cacheread percentage of reads from cache
profile_dskwrites total disk write operations
profile_bufwrites total number of biuffers written
profile_cachewrite percentages of writes to cache
profile_ isamtot total number of isam calls
profile_open isam open calls
profile_start isam start calls
profile_read isam read calls
profile_write isam write calls
profile_rewrite isam re-write calls
profile_delete isam delete calls
profile_commit isam commit calls
profile_rollbk isam rollback calls
profile_gp_read generic page reads
profile_gp_write generic page writes
profile gp_rewrt generic page updates
profile_gp_del generic page deletes
profile_gp_alloc generic page allocations
profile_gp_free generic pages freed
profile_gp_curs cursors on generic pages
profile_ovlock number of times unable to allocate locks
profile_ovuserthread attempts to exceed maximum user threads
profile_ovbuff failed to find a free buffer
proflie_usercpu total user cpu time for the engine, seconds
profile_syscpu total sys cpu time for the engine, seconds
profile_numckpts the number of checkpoints performed
profile_flushes the number of buffer pool flushes
profile_bufwaits number of times a session waited for a buffer
profile_lokwaits number of times a session waited for a lock
profile_lockreqs number of locks requested
profile_deadlks number of times a dead lock occurred
profile_dltouts number of times dead locks timed out
profile_ckpwaits number of times a session waited for a checkpoint to complete
profile_compress number of times a data page was compressed
profile_seqscans number of times tables were sequentially scanned
profile_ ixda_ra read ahead from index leaves to data pages
profile_idx_ra read ahead index leaves
profile_da_ra read ahead data only
profile_ra_pgsused read ahead pages that were used
profile_lchwaits number of times a thread waited for a shared memory latch
profile_rautil percentage of pages used vs pages read
profile_rautil_pages total number of read ahead pages used