Summary and total information about logical logs, and a list of all logical logs.


These values are calculated by infx

column description
ll_current current logical log uniqid
ll_total number of logical logs
ll_not_backedup the number of used logs not backed up
ll_used percentage of logical logs used
ll_remain percentage of logical logs available to use
ll_span the percentage of the logical logs spanned by the longest active transaction
ll_alone_perc percentage of logs available, not including spanned logs
ll_size_kb size of last logical log created, used as default size creating the next one

individual logical logs

column onstatoption description
rownum sequence number
address -l internal address of logical log
number -l the logical log number
flags -l flags describing the state of the logical log
uniqid -l unique number for this logical log
begin -l address of page where log begins
size -l size, in pages
used -l pages used
percused -l percentage of log used
dbspace infx the storage space containing the logical log
size_kb infx logical log size in kb
used_kb infx amount used, in kb