Other parameters related to the instance

column source description
infx infx the root of infx,e.g./infx
infx_version infx the version of infx
inst parameter the name of the instance
server_number onconfig the unique number assigned to this instance
host hostname the name of the host
inst_onlinelog_latest onstat -m the most recent messages from the online log
instdir infx the root directory for this instancee.g./infx/inst/${inst}
informixdir infx the location of the informix softwaree.g./infx/inst/{$inst}/informixdir
informixdir_source infx source of informix dir, it its a link
onconfig infx onconfig parameter for this instance,e.g.onconfig.${inst}
instance_status infx overall status of the instance – good, warn or bad
instance_status_reason infx why the status is not good
onlinelog_status infx individual module status
tmpdir infx location of temp files
logdir infx location of service history log files
chkdir infx location of chunk files
backupdir infx
inst_block onstat – what, if anything, is blocking the instance
inst_full_status onstat – full status string from onstat
inst_short_version onstat – short informix version name
inst_status onstat – status of the instance, online, down, quiescent
inst_vers onstat – informix version name
inst_uptime onstat – how long the instance has been up for
mode 0 = down, 1 = in recovery, 2 = quiescent, 3 = online
arc_lo onstat -g arc the current date/time and logical log number of the last full backup root
arc_l0_ts infx unix time stamp when archive occurred
arc_lo_ago infx how long ago archive occurred, i.e. 1 days 5 hours
dataskip_status onstat -f current setting of dataskip for dbspaces
writes_total onstat -F how many pages written in total
writes_fg onstat -F how many pages written in foreground
writes_lru onstat -F how many pages written in LRU
writes_chunk onstat -F how mange pages written in check point
glo_summary onstat -g glo the types and number of virtual processors.
barmanager infx the name of the backup and restore manager for this instance
sqltrace_duration sysmaster how long sql tracing has been on
sqltrace_ntraces sysmaster ho wmany sql statements to trace
sqltrace_tracesize sysmaster size of sql tracing buffer
sqltrace_tracesize_kb infx buffer size in KB
threads_ready_tot -g rea number of threads ready to run
threads_ready_summary -g rea the type and number of threads that are ready
threads_active_tot -g act number of threads running now
threads_active_summary -g act the type and number of threads running
ll_begin -x the log number of earliest, open transaction
physpace -l storage space containing the physical log
physize_kb infx the size in kb of the physical log
inst_primary 1 if instance is a primary
inst_secondary 1 if instance is a secondary