Use these variable names in templates and scripts to output Informix instance status information

cdr_list List of servers connected via CDR, also known as Enterprise Replication and ER.
ckp_list Checkpoint tracing information from onstat -g ckp
db_list Information about each database.
dri_paired_list List of paired servers. Includes all connected HDR, SDS and RSS servers.
external_sql Execute your own systemaster SQL statement.
fs_list Details about local file systems on the host
glo_list Virtual process summary statistics from onstat -g glo.
instance Other parameters related to the instance
ll_list Summary and total information about logical logs, and a list of all logical logs.
memory Variables related to memory usage
profile System wide profile counts from onstat -p
service_list Get information about the most recent execution of each service.
session_list A more comprehensive list than the user_list.
space Extensive information about storage spaces and chunks.
sqltrace SQL tracing information about individual statements.
sysadmin_alerts Select from the sysadmin ph_alert and ph_task tables to show outstanding alerts.
sysfeatures Rows from the sysmaster sysfeatures table.
system Information about the system the database is running on.
table_list Total of partitions (indices and fragments) for a table.
template Values supplied by infx, for use within templates.
users_list Basic information about user database sessions.