command line

The infx command line interface provides easy access to any Informix maintenance action from the command line.

Each service provides its own complete environment, so you don’t have to worry about environment settings such as PATH, INFORMIXSERVER, INFORMIXDIR or ONCONFIG.

This makes them easy to use, and simple to schedule with tools like cron.

easy to manage

infx has tools you use to track its own execution.

The log files always get standard messages such as start & end time, error or other status information.

You can be notified by email of any error, or the execution status of any particular command.


Here is a example, starting different database instances.

Start the current Informix instance, from the INFORMIXSERVER variable

infx start

Start a different instance, say infx02 instead:

infx start infx02

Start a different instance, say infx04 on a remote host named other.

infx start infx04@other
For remote access, infx uses ssh to securely execute the service on the “other” host.

more information

Find out how to access infx services from a browser using the provided dashboards.