This section describes how to use the infx command line utilities to display status information about an instance.

These utilities are the easiest way to get information about what your instance is doing.

For a full list of infx command line utilities see utilities.

instance utilities

Use these utilities to check instance status

utility description
infx hist List the history of service execution in this instance
infx list List the status of each instance on this host
infx running List the infx services that are running on this host
infx status See the current statistics of an instance.
infx users List information about users connected to the instance

infx hist

Check the execution history of an infx command.

infx list

Use this command to quickly list the status of each instance on the host.

infx running

List any infx command that is currently running. Checks all instances.

infx status

Show status of an instance, includes SQL is running, host, performance and status information.

infx users

Show current user sessions.

databases & storage

utility description
infx chunks List information about instance chunk files
infx dbs List information about the databases in this instance
infx dbspace List information about the storage spaces in this instance
infx spool List information about storage pool entries

infx chunks

Chunk file information.

infx dbs

Database information.

infx dbspace

Storage space information.

infx spool

Storage pool information.