This is a guide on how to use infx to manage the Informix storage pool.

Use the infx spool command to add cooked files, directories or raw devices to the storage pool.

The use the infx storage command to create and manage storage spaces.

storage pool

Add a directory to use for cooked chunk files.

The infx spool command shows the status of the storage pool.

create storage spaces

Use the new function of the space service to create storage spaces.

Create a 100mb data storage space called dat01, from the storage pool. The space will have the default page size.

The storage space and chunk.

You can create other types of storage space, e.g. temporary storage spaces.

This time we will use the infx command to list the storage spacs.

We can also drop storage spaces.

more information

The infx storage command also has options that allow you to specify chunk files manually. See: manage spaces

Full infx storage reference: infx storage.