This is the default instance config file use to create new infx instances.

Only make changes to a a local copy of this file.

Instance config files define the actions taken when you create a new instance with infx.

You can create multiple configs and select the required one when you create an instance.

instance creation

The steps to create a new instance are:

  1. create directories for the new instance e.g.  /infx/inst/${inst}/logs
  2. create files for the new instance e.g. an empty root chunk file
  3. create links for the new instance e.g. to informix software, to other file system locations
  4. if defined, create sqlhosts entries for the new instance
  5. if one does not exist, generate an onconfig file for the instance
  6. if settings supplied, create an instance config.ini

directories, files and links

Specify the directories, files and links that need to be created.

A relative path is expanded to /infx/inst/${inst}/.

Items are created in the order they appear in the config file.

Items are skipped if they already exist.


Define the sqlhosts entries that are needed for this instance. infx supplies some parameters to make automating this easier.

In order to create multiple instances with network connections, they each need a unique port number.

infx allows you to supply a base port number as a parameter. infx then adds the new instances server number to the base port number to automatically determine the port number for this instance.

Here is an example from the defaults:

An instance with server number 0 will get ${port} = 62000. Instance with server number 55 will get ${port} = 62055.

Default shared memory connection:


When you create an instance, you specify the name of an onconfig template to use. When the instance is created, if there is not already an onconfig file, and new one is created from this template.

You also create a new onconfig template for new Informix versions, based on the updated onconfig.std

The following variables can be used in the template:

variable description example
[[INST]] the name of the new instance DBSERVERNAME [[INST]]
[[SERVERNUM]] the new server number SERVERNUM [[SERVERNUM]]

Example from default onconfig.

See the whole template here: onconfig template.


Use this to add settings to the new config.ini file for the instance. Specify what parameters you want to put in the infxenv section here.


When you create the instance, it will place its temp files in /scratch/tmp instead of under /infx/inst.


Use this section to set what goes in the env section of the new instance config.ini


Use this section to set what goes in the template section of the new instance config.ini