General information about the infx configuration system.

infx uses a two level approach to setting up. Firstly, any settings are taken from the instance config file. Then the overall config from /infx/local/etc is applied.

When loading config files, if the file is not found in /infx/local/etc, infx will then load the copy from /infx/etc.

You should always copy config files from the overall etc directory into your local one before changing them.


The config.ini file is broken into sections, each denoted with a header. Example:

The semi-colon (;) is used to indicate comments, anything following is ignored.

Each config file can only contain one of each section. The section continues until you start a new one and specify a new section header.

The config.ini file is also used to store lists, these are denoted with a different section header.

You can specify multiple of these sections. Depending on the type of definition, two formats are available.

single line:

multiple lines

To prevent the config.ini from growing too large, you can break it into sub config files, and include them in the main config file.

Will load either the file /infx/local/etc/sub-infx-onbar.ini or /infx/etc/sub-infx-onbar.ini.

All sub files are included before the config information is parsed.

Will load the file based on the current host name. Use this file to load settings for a specific host.