infx is an application developed in Perl for managing Informix database instances. The browser based interface is generated from HTML style templates, and has some custom JavaScript objects to improve the user experience.


So far, infx has been conceived, desgined and coded by myself, Jason Harris (jgh@jgharris.com).

I am an independent database consultant who has been working with Informix and Unix for more than 20 years.


I have attempted to keep the requirements list for infx as simple as possible.

There are no compiled components, the distribution consists of Perl code only. A few small CPAN modules are used, and these are already included in the distribution, keeping the install process as simple as posisble.

Requirements for infx command line usage is a standard install of Perl 5.8, or higher.

To access infx services via a browser, you will also need a web server, Apache 2.0 or higher.

To manage remote hosts from either the command line or the browser, you will also need SSH v2 installed on all hosts to be managed.

The dashboards are compatible with most browsers. The best experience will be had on the Google Chrome browser. Internet Explorer support is only available with the Google Chrome Frame plugin.

infx runs on Linux and Unix hosts, initially targeting Informix versions 11.5 and above. Support for ALL versions before 11.5 is feasible, let me know which version you are interested in here: